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Shijiazhuang LF Farm Byproduct Developing Co., Ltd.

Oat kernel,oat cut in granule,Naked Oat,instant-oatmeal,quick cooking thick...

Sunday,May 20, 2018
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Kidney Beans

May 24, 2016

About Us
To give you a general idea of our company, we write to introduce ourselves as one of the leading exporters of a wide range of agricultural products. 
Our firm, located at the border between Mount Taihang and Inner Mongolia. This area is famous for the favorable endowed agricultural climate and geographical position. 
Health is the order of the day. Eating green food helps to keep healthy. 
The following are our main products. 
Oatmeal Series Oat Rice,Oat flour,Instant-Cooked Oatmeal,Iinstant-Oatmeal. 
Beans and Grain Broad Bean,Kidney Beans,Small Red Beans,Mung Bean,Peas,Corn,Buckwheat. 
Dehydrated Series Potato Powder, Potato Ggranule, Potato Flake, Potato Starch, Mashed Potato Dehydrated vegetable . 
Feature Nut Walnut, Peant in shell, Peant kernels, Peant blanched kernel, Black Peanut, Jujube, Almond. 
Harmless and pollution-free green vegetables celery cabbage broccoli radish carrot onion lettuce tomato white potato Green Pe... [More Information]
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Kidney Beans

May 24, 2016